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Fez Fiesta

Golden Girls are travelling to Morocco in December and will be visiting an orphanage. They will spend some quality time with orphans. They will gift them 10 iPads and make a donation of $2000

Home Cleaning Service

Seniors living alone face house cleaning challenges. Live & Let Live Foundation has started to provide cleaning services to seniors at a reasonable cost. 

These services also create employment opportunities to low-income individuals.

Helping Hands

The proposed project will promote volunteerism among racialized senior women. Cultural background affects volunteering behaviour, and findings indicate that as a whole, cultural groups differ significantly with respect to their attitudes, social norm and perceived behavioural control over volunteering.

If you wish to volunteer pls contact:

Sajeda Khan at (647) 836-6264

Marhaba Ramadan

Marhaba Ramadan was presented by Live & Let Live Foundation to raise Fund for Ramadan Hampers for the less privileged, in downtown Toronto.

$2500 was collected and 500 Lunch packs were distributed in downtown Toronto. 150 ladies joined the event at Simply delicious. This is our annual Ramadan - Nutri Hamper Project.

Mothers Day Eid Party

With a rise in mental health issues among children, the Live & Let live Foundation facilitated mothers living with mentally challenged children.


Mothers were presented with plaques.  

170 ladies joined the event, at Simply Delicious.

Park - Beque

A Family Event  Park - Beque event was planned in Milliken Park to socialize and promote healthy programming among the community.


180 Family members joined the event children, played games and enjoyed the day.

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